If you have reached the point where your trying to decide between mine and other workshops, let me give you the Top 6 differences between GBC Impressions and other Photography Classes:

  •  I am customer-centric. You are my main priority and my whole focus is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable experience, while increasing your photographic knowledge base.
  •  Examine my gallery, and look at the photos I have taken. If you like the quality that you see, I can take you to the same locations and teach you the techniques I used to capture these photos. Moreover, my goal is to inspire you to achieve on and above what you see in my gallery, and create your own vision and images that you will be proud  of  and that will leave an indelible memory for you.
  •  I offer a guarantee! That’s right; if you don’t leave my workshop with at least one photograph that you feel is suitable for framing, your next workshop is on me (excluding lodging and meals).
  •  I support our Troops! I work with several charities, including Wounded Warriors Project and our Veterans. All Wounded Warriors will receive a 25% discount, and all vets a 10% discount. I am so thankful for their service to our country.
  • I offer a referral program that gets you a 10% discount if you sign up a friend.
  • I will provide you with service after your course. After you attend one of my workshops you may go home and realize you have another question, you might need help editing a photo or you might want an independent evaluation of a photo you took. Whatever the case may be, after you attend a workshop, I consider you a customer for life and will gladly answer any additional questions you have via email or over the phone. 


I would be honored to have you as a customer and earn your confidence and trust. You can call me (585-662-9232) anytime or email at gregcuvy@gmail.com if you have any concerns or questions. My goal is to provide to you with a world-class experience.

Furthermore, I want to provide you with a therapeutic experience that will give you a different perspective on life.  My goal is to increase your knowledge of photography, and I want you to feel comfortable using your cameras manual modes (iso, f-stop, shutter-speed). By the end of my courses, you will feel comfortable editing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Above all, I want you to leave with at least one image that is a “wall hanger,” and feeling like the value of my workshop far exceeded your expectations. I will do everything in my power to put you in the right place at the right time of day to capture images you never thought you could get.